Weddings at St. John Neumann Parish

We congratulate you on this important and significant step in your relationship! Our goal at St. John Neumann Parish is not only to help you prepare for your wedding day, but for your lifetime of marriage together! 

Please contact the parish office at least six months prior to your planned wedding date. Contact our parish office: (570)-344-6159.


A Brief Theology of Marriage sb6g6re8uq11camz1kfjra8hlfl.jpg

The sacrament of Matrimony, or Marriage, is the sacred, life-long joining together in love of one man and one woman. From the very beginning, we believe God desired for man and woman to come together, to be united as "one flesh," and to be "fruitful and multiply" (Genesis 1:28).  Marriage is also an icon, that is, a holy image. Just as Jesus Christ is faithful and gives of himself to the Church, so too do wives and husbands reflect this love for each other.

Marriage in the Catholic Tradition has three distinct qualities:

1.) Marriage is lifelong and permanent. First, just as Christ's love for his disciples is permanent, so too are the vows that the couple makes in the sacrament of Marriage lasting "in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer...until death." 

2.) Marriage is exclusive. The love between a husband and a wife is always faithful. Spouses promise to give themselves entirely and completely to each other. They think of the good of their spouse and they will sacrifice, in love, for each other.

2.) Marriage is open to new life. Christian spouses share everything together. Their intimacy is a reflection of God's intimacy with humanity. Christian spouses are open to new life in all its forms, but most especially in having a family and raising children in the faith of the Church. 


Some Resources

We encourage you to continue to learn more about your Catholic-Christian faith, the sacrament of marriage, and other helpful tips and hints that will bring bliss and blessing to your marriage! 

For Your Marriage: This excellent website has resources for engaged couples, newlyweds, and for those already on the way in their marriage. Included on the site are reflections written by married couples, planning materials for your wedding day, and other thoughtful items. Visit:

Diocese of Scranton: Our parish of St. John Neumann is a Roman Catholic parish in the Diocese of Scranton. The diocese's Office for Parish Life coordinates various components of marriage preparation, including a daylong Pre-Cana retreat. Visit the Diocese of Scranton page on Marriage Preparation here.