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  • Confirmation 2019
  • Confirmation 2019
  • Confirmation 2019

Welcome to the Parish of St. John Neumann!

We, the Parish Community of St. John Neumann, follow the example of the Lord Jesus as we seek to heal, reconcile, love, and preach the Good News of salvation to all. You are most welcome to join us as we pray, gather for Eucharist, promote justice, and strive to live the Gospel in our daily lives in Scranton. 

¡Bienvenidos a la Parroquia de San Juan Neumann!

Nosotros, la Parroquia de San Juan Neumann, queremos a vivir como Jesucristo: sanar otros, reconciliar, amar, y predicar el Evangelio de la salvation de todos. Usted es bienvenido a reunir con esta comunidad mientras oremos,  celebramos la Eucaristia, promovemos justicia, y deseamos a
vivir el Evangelio cada dia en Scranton.



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  • Sun, Jul 14th

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Mass Times

Saturday Vigil:
4:30 pm (Nativity)
8:30 am (Holy Name)
10:00 am (Nativity)
12:30 pm (Nativity) (Spanish)

Weekday Mass Schedule:
Monday 12:10 pm (Nativity) (Novena)
Tuesday 8:00 am (Holy Name)
Wednesday 8:00 am (Holy Name)
Thursday 8:00 am (Nativity)
Friday 8:00 am (Holy Name)

Holy Day Mass Schedule:
Holy Day Vigil 5:30 pm (Holy Name)
Holy Day 5:30 pm (Nativity)
Holy Day 7:00 pm (Nativity) (Spanish)

Office Hours

Monday & Tuesday: 9am - 1pm
Wednesday: 10am - 7pm
Friday: 10am - 4pm
Office closed on Thursdays.

Online Giving

Donate to help preserve our Church! There are many projects coming up to improve the physical property of our parish, so that we can continue in our work of ministry. 

Also, we depend on the continued generosity of our parishioners to support our mission, as well as all of our many ministries. Click here to learn more about online-giving.