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  • Saturday Vigil Mass - 4:30 pm at Nativity Church
  • Sunday Mass - 9:30 am initially at Nativity Church - until the seating capacity guidelines are increased to more than 25% - then this mass will move to Holy Name Church
  • Sunday Mass - 1:00 pm at Nativity Church in Spanish
  • Monday - No Mass
  • Tuesday Mass - 7:00 pm at Nativity Church
  • Wednesday Mass - 9:00 am at Holy Name Church
  • Thursday Mass - 7:00 pm at Nativity Church in Spanish
  • Friday Mass - 9:00 am at Holy Name Church

When Faith Formation begins, hopefully in October, we will utilize the time frame between the two Sunday masses

We will no longer require reservations for masses.  However, all other pandemic guidlines remain in place.

Please watch the following video which further explains these guidelines:

Thanks for your patience as we gradually return to the public celebration of the Eucharist!

Sunday Mass - September 19th

Misa Dominical - 20 de Septiembre

Faith Formation / La Formación de la Fe

Registration for Faith Formation:

Registration for Faith Formation will be by appointment only. Please call Sister Suzie at 570-344-6159 to schedule an appointment. All registrations must be completed on time in order to participate in our programs for this year.  We are planning both in person classes and home-based programs.   A Baptismal Certificate (if not Baptized at STJN), a working/viable email with access to internet will be required for classes this year.  The fee will be $40 for regular classes and an additional fee of $35 for EP2 and CP2 students.  All families will be registered to receive on-line classes and additional resources through the Diocese and the company providing us with our books and materials this year.  If you have any questions, please contact Sister Suzie at 570-344-6159 Ext 161 or on her cell at 252-670-7906.



Las clases de la formación de la fe comenzarán el 4 de octubre.

Todavía puedes registrar para la formación de la fe, pero solo con una cita. Si necesitas registrar a tus niños para la formación de la fe, particularmente si ellos necesitan las clases para los sacramentos, debes llamar a Hermana Suzie para obtener una cita con ella. Puedes llamarla en la oficina a 570-344-6159 o en su teléfono celular a 252-670-7906.

Estamos planeando instrucción en persona para los grados 1 y 2 para preparación para la eucaristía (EP1 y EP2), y grados 7 y 8 para preparación de confirmación (CP1 y CP2), y una clase para RCIC. Para los grados de 3 a 6 usaremos un programa que los estudiantes pueden usar en el hogar. Estas son las cosas que necesitas registrar para la formación de la fe: un certificado de bautismo (si no han sido bautizados en San Juan Neumann) y una dirección de correo electrónico. El costo de las clases es $40 para las clases regulares y una adicional de $35 para los jóvenes en las clases de EP2 y CP2.  

Mass Times

We no longer require reservations in order to attend mass. All Masses Currently at Nativity Church.

New Mass Schedule - Beginning September 5th

Saturday Vigil: 4:30 pm (English) at Nativity Church
Sunday: 9:30 am (English) at Nativity Church AND
1:00 pm (Spanish) at Nativity Church

Monday: No Mass
Tuesday: 7:00 pm (English) Nativity Church
Wednesday: 9:00 am (English) Holy Name Church
Thursday 7:00 pm (Spanish) Nativity Church
Friday: 9:00 am (English) Holy Name Church

Holy Day Mass Schedule:
To Be Announced

Spiritual Resources / Recursos Espirituales

Adults: click for resources to deepen your faith.
Youth and Faith Formation: click here!


Click here to find some great Catholic resources to grow in your faith life!

Donations / Donaciones

Ayúdanos a pagar nuestras facturas

Please, send your weekly donation via mail or you can donate online by clicking here.

Por favor, envíe su donación semanal por correo, o done en líne.

Word of the Week


  • Sun, Sep 20th

  • Sun, Sep 13th

Boletín Español

Al partir el domingo, 26 de abril, el boletín en español se incluye con todo el Boletín Parroquial.
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St. Mary's Cemetery Hours

St. Mary's Cemetery is now open from 10am - 7pm.
May our beloved dead rest in the peace of Christ.

Office Hours

Monday & Tuesday: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Wednesday & Friday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Parish Office is closed on Thursdays.


Mass Reminders